36S LG18650 MJ1


36S LG18650 MJ1  Active BMS

MJ1 - 36S, Module type Active balanced BMS, continuous discharging 100A, peak current in 200A for 1s, max 100A charging.
Delivery in 15-20 days after payment, and 5-7 days for shipping.

Master board around 1.2kg, sub board around 0.8kg  FOR THE 36S  (4.41#'s total)

Quotes and weights are based on the cell count (S) you choose.

Let us install all of your wiring for you.  Enjoy our warranty of excellence.

         BMS installed -ready to use -

We also provide a volt meter, or fuel gauge as some call it.  An expensive monitor is not needed when using the Active type because it balances and keeps the cells maximized for you.

epower Extender is a 10 KVA full rated charging system that can add 4 hours to your flight time on one 65Ah pack  in the Sea Kite design.  $3.50 per hr fuel cost.

All battery chargers are based on cell count and the amps or speed of the charge.

Example: A 5 amp is the slowest but light enough to carry on board. Over 20 amps could shorten the cycle times.

We can quote the end user price for a set or any size you choose.

This can only be accomplished  with an electric motor.

The prop virtually disappears

when soaring with, zero drag.

Is electric flight for you?

Ultra-flite battery systems may be the solution for you. Call for our assistance today:


2Hp per pound

PM Synchronous  Sinusoidal motor:


    Coming soon:

   auto adjusting Pitch Perfect Prop

The Active BMS is a charge transfer balancing redistribution  which will greatly extend the cycle life and keep the cells balanced while in storage or in use.

We are the only supplier of this Active BMS. We do not sell the passive type. This is like adding 30% to 50% more batteries, in efficiency.  The run time will also increase greatly.